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The REFINA range of plastering buckets and mixing tubs features heavy-duty tubs, trolleys, and mixing baths for effectively mixing and gauging plaster, render, cement, mortars, epoxy, and resins.

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Plastic Tubs 65Ltr - 90Ltr

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Plastic Tubs 65Ltr - 90Ltr
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Plastering Buckets & Tubs

Manufactured from durable, thick-walled plastic, our mixing tubs and buckets are designed to tackle even the most demanding mixing tasks, whether on a construction site or in an industrial environment.

Here are the standout features:

Built to Last:Our buckets and mixing tubs are ideal for daily mixing plasters, renders, cements and more. Choose from black or white and various sizes to suit your project.

Effortless Handling: Each mixing bucket features sturdy, moulded side handles. Even when the bucket is filled to the brim with heavy materials, these handles ensure comfortable lifting and manoeuvring.

Minimise the Mess: The tall design of the REFINA X-2 buckets helps reduce splashing during mixing. This keeps your work area clean and minimises spills during use.

X-1 & X-2 Range: X-1 mixing tubs are made from UV-resistant white virgin high-density PE - perfect for food-safe applications and can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to 100°C.

X-2 mixing tubs are constructed from black recycled high-density PE. Ideal for working temperatures between -20°C and 80°C.

Gauging Buckets & Tubs

REFINA X-RAY gauging buckets are ideal for gauging water and add-mixes. They are specially designed to minimise the risk of cracking and include a moulded internal measuring gauge on the side wall. Additionally, our range includes three-handle X-RAY tubs, which are ideal for mixing plaster, render, and cement. They're also suitable for epoxies, resins, and other flowable materials.

REFINA plastering buckets and mixing tubs offer a robust and practical solution for all your mixing requirements. Explore the full range of REFINA’s tubs and wash buckets online or browse our dealer network to find a local dealer near you.

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