C4 scabbler head & dust hood
  • C4 scabbler head & dust hood

EPO180H Surface Scabbler Heads C2, C4, C5 or C6 & Dust Hood

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  • SRX6-6" Scabbler heads
  • Choose from C2, C4, C5 or C6 cutters
  • Dust hood for dust free working environment

Complete head kit for the EPO180H multi-surfacer. This kit contains a scabbler head and dust hood

Choose from C2, C4, C5 or C6 cutters. Please see related products below

C2 hard steel star cutters are for cleaning off paint & rust, suitable for use on steel

C4 solid tungsten carbide claw cutters are for shaving off coatings; leaves a peened finish

C5 solid tungsten star cutters are for keying hard coatings; leaves a keyed surface

C6  tungsten carbide tipped scabbling cutters for render & plaster, leaves a rough finish


  • Size 180mm
  • Rec speed 3000rpm


C2 cutters

  • Taking off paints & coatings
  • Can be used on steel

C6 cutters

  • For render & plaster
  • Leaves a rough finish

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