Surface Preparation

REFINA offers a comprehensive selection of power tools for surface preparation, specialised flooring equipment, and machines designed for renovating and repairing walls and floors. We offer surface preparation equipment from EIBENSTOCK as well as our own REFINA range of industrial grade equipment .

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These specialised power tools are equipped with a diverse range of abrasives, making them suitable for tasks such as prepping, grinding, scabbling, cleaning, and abrading concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces. They are also designed to meet the needs of various tasks in building, concrete repair, flooring, and plastering. 

Our Range of Surface Preparation Tools

We stock a diverse range of surface preparation tools and equipment, including the following:

  • Diamond grinders and polishers - The diamond grinders & polishers are ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and floor paints
  • Floor strippers - Stripper for lifting floor coverings, carpet tiles and foam backed carpet, lino, rubber floor coverings and vinyls
  • Power floats and sponges -  Ideal for finishing external renders, one coat render systems, sand and cement installations
  • Sanders - Prepare a smoother surfaces with our extensive range of sanders
  • Scabblers and surface blasters - Clean, key and prepare interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces
  • Dust extraction equipment - Control dust at source to give a cleaner working environment

The Benefits of Using Surface Preparation Equipment from REFINA

Surface preparation tools can be used across many different industries and trades due to their effectiveness in enhancing the quality and durability of surfaces. At REFINA, our range is designed to offer unrivalled performance when you need it most.

  • Improved adhesion: Ensure that the new material adheres properly to the surface.
  • Extended lifespan: Longer lifespan than a surface that has not been prepared.
  • Reduced maintenance: Requires less maintenance than a surface that has not been prepared.
  • Enhanced appearance: Provides a more uniform and professional appearance.
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