Straight Edges & Levels

At REFINA, we provide a diverse selection of specialised aluminium straight-edge profiles tailored to accommodate various needs and preferences. Each profile is precision-engineered to ensure straightness and is meticulously finished to deliver burr-free, pristine edges.

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HD Box Rules 1.0m - 3.0m

Ref: 252910 - 252930
£26.40 — £77.60

h-section Feather Edge 1.0m - 2.5m

Ref: 252610 - 252625
£19.00 — £45.60

We understand that precision is paramount. Inaccurate levelling, misaligned materials, and crooked lines can lead to costly rework and delays. Our straight edges, levels and darbies are lightweight, built to last and available in a range of profiles and section lengths.

The Right Tool for Every Application

  • Serrated H Section Feather Edges: Serrated edges from REFINA are widely used to level newly applied render which helps to remove air pockets and identify high and low spots.
  • H Section Feather Edges: Our H section feather edges offer an enhanced grip over traditional feather edges, and they are perfect for levelling sand and cement renders and backing coats.
  • I Section Scrapers: I section scrapers, otherwise referred to as I beams, are designed for scraping back and levelling render to leave a decorative finish. Our scrapers have a non-marking coating that prevents residue on finished surfaces.
  • Trapezoid Feather Edges: Lightweight, long-lasting, and built to last, Trapezoid feather edges are ideal for sweeping across surfaces to identify high and low spots and rule off walls.
  • Heavy Duty Box Sections: Heavy duty box sections are designed for wall and flooring installations, able to identify high and low spots and ensure materials are level. These are available up to 3m in length.

Browse REFINA's extensive range of straight edges today and experience the difference professional-grade tools can make on your next project. You can also browse our dealer network to find a local dealer near you.

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