REFINA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality spraying equipment, providing professionals with the tools they need to tackle a wide range of projects.

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Whether you're spraying paint, applying texture, or pumping mortar, the REFINA range is designed to complement our mixers and can be used to apply decorative coatings, textures, cements, mortars, plasters and renders.

Discover equipment for applying Sandtex, masonry paints, external coatings, Artex textures and plenty more.

Air Compressors

REFINA compressors are built to last, with durable construction and powerful motors. They're also incredibly versatile and capable of powering a variety of spray guns and tools. Choose from a wide range of compressor sizes to suit your needs, from small and portable units to large and powerful compressors for commercial applications.

Hopper Spray Guns

REFINA hopper spray guns are designed for applying heavy-bodied materials such as paint, texture, and render. They're easy to use and clean, and they produce a consistent, professional finish. 

Pump & Spray Machines

REFINA spray pump machines are ideal for applying mortar, grout, and other viscous materials. They're powerful and efficient, and they can save you time and labour on a variety of projects.

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