Spatulas & Knives

REFINA has a wide range of spatulas and knives suitable for a variety of plastering applications.

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Skimming Spatulas 12" - 24"

Ref: 228040 - 228046
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PLAZI Spatula-Rules 12" - 60"

Ref: 228066 - 228080
PLAZI Spatula-Rules 12" - 60"
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The roll grip spatula-rules have a lightweight plastic frame and a 0.4mm thick stainless steel blade.

The ergo grip spatula-rules have a 0.3mm flexible blade. The Refina spatula-rules are used for finishing and smoothing both walls and ceilings of plaster and special finishes.

Aluminiun framed spatula knives with stainless steel blades are lightweight to use and have flexible and stiff blade options.

Rubber wipe down & joint blade for use on angular, rounded & hard to reach areas is lightweight to use and can be use hand held or with an extension pole.

Stainless steel coating knives for applying Venetian plaster & special finishes.

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