Scabblers & Surface Blasters

REFINA and EIBENSTOCK scabblers and surface blasters for aggressive surface preparation.

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EPO180 is a handheld scabbler with a choice of cutters for use in the marine and steel trade for removing coatings from steel.

The EPO1310 surface blaster and cordless POWERPREP machines have rubber mounted tungsten pointed discs for fast cleaning of coatings and rust from steel and marine surfaces, pipes and weld joints. The surface blaster discs will cut through and remove sticky residues including chewing gum, bitumens, sealants, adhesives, elastomeric and rubberised paints.

The air powered bristle brush cleaner is ideal for cleaning angle iron, railings and uneven steel surfaces, corrugated, RSJs and channels.

The RWG18 is a compact floor prep machine that uses a rotating drum and shaft mounted cutters to scabble, scarify and clean hard floor surfaces, remove paint and coatings or prep latex after taking up old carpet or lino.

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