RWG180 Floor Scabbler Planer
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  • RWG180 Floor Scabbler Planer

RWG180 Floor & Concrete Scabbler-Planer

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• RWG180 Floor Scabbler-Planer
• Compact rotary drum floor scabbler
• Replaceable cutters
• Tungsten tip tct cutters
• Leaves peened or roughened surface
• Range of cutter options available
• Scabbler will clean, key & prepare

The RWG18 is a compact floor prep machine that uses a rotating drum and shaft mounted cutters to scabble, scarify and clean hard floor surfaces, remove paint and coatings or prep latex after taking up old carpet or lino
The midweight scabbler is particularly suitable for use where the electrical supply is limited, in the refurbishment of buildings, on smaller areas or where building access is restricted on landings, hallways or roofs
Interchangeable cutters are available to key and peen the surface. The standard cutter is the 8 point tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) which uses tungsten points to hammer and peen the surface. These cutters are durable and cost effective and leave a rough finish


• Power 1.1kw
• Speed 1400rpm
• Weight 35kg
• Size WxL 42x84mm
• Height 105cm
• Drum 160mm
• Prep rate 40m/hr
• Vibration level 6.5m/s
• Noise level 79dBA
• Voltage 110v or 230v


• Scarifying & scabbling hard floor surfaces
• Prepping concrete cement toppings
• Removing old floor coatings & crumbly residues
• Thermoplastic & painted lines
• Keying back old carpet adhesives & latex
• Key surface for anti-slip finish
• For floor & carpet trades
• Interior & exterior floor surfaces
• Floor paint & refurbishment trades
• Renovation & maintenance
• Factory floor preparation


Data sheet

New product
  • scarifying & scabbling hard floor surfaces
  • prepping concrete cement toppings
  • removing old floor coatings & crumbly residues
  • thermoplastic & painted lines
  • keying back old carpet adhesives & latex
  • key surface for anti-slip finish
  • for floor & carpet trades
  • interior & exterior floor surfaces
  • floor paint & refurbishment trades
  • renovation & maintenance
  • factory floor preparation