Power Float & Sponges

The REFINA and EIBENSTOCK range of power floats and sponge machines are ideal for use on render as well as cleaning tiles and paving.

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Our range of power floats and sponges includes the EIBENSTOCK EPG series, designed to revolutionise your approach to external rendering projects. These power floats eliminate the backbreaking labour of smoothing and finishing, saving you time and energy while delivering exceptional results.

German Engineering for Exceptional Results

REFINA caters to your specific needs with two EPG power float options.

EPG 300-A: This cordless favourite is powered by a high-capacity 18v CAS battery pack. It offers exceptional manoeuvrability around scaffolding and in confined spaces. Enjoy an impressive 30 minutes of runtime per battery, covering up to 65 square metres—ideal for smaller projects or quick touch-ups.

EPG 400: For extensive projects or particularly tough renders, the EPG 400 corded power float delivers unmatched performance. It features a high-torque, low-profile gearbox combined with a slow-speed 500-watt motor specifically engineered for demanding jobs. The large 16-inch (400mm) sponge attachment tackles even the most challenging textures with ease.

Grout & Sponge Machines

Our SCHWAMMFIX machines are for cleaning cements and grouts from quarry tiles, external paviers, natural stone and granite sets.

Available in petrol, electric or battery-powered, these machines have a continuous sponge band that is fed through a water bucket and rollers. The excess sludge and water are squeezed out, leaving the sponge clean to repeat the cycle.

Reduce fatigue, save time, and elevate your rendering projects to the next level. With a variety of applications, our power floats and grout machines are a true game-changer for any contractor. Explore the full range of REFINA’s power floats and sponges online or browse our dealer network to find a local dealer near you.

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