Power Float & Sponges

REFINA and EIBENSTOCK range of sponge machines for use on render and cleaning tiles and paving

The EPG400 is a handheld rotary power float and sponge for finishing external renders, one coat render (ocr) and sand and cement. The power sponge uses a slow speed motor to sponge or float finish large areas of spray or trowel applied backing coat plaster or one coat render. The EPG400A is the cordless model for cable free working and is ideal for use on scaffolding

The SCHWAMMFIX grout machines available in either petrol, electric or battery powered. These machines have a continuous sponge band that is fed through a water bucket and rollers; the excess sludge and water is squeezed out leaving the sponge clean to repeat the cycle The SCHWAMMFIX machines are for cleaning cements and grouts from quarry tiles, external paviers, natural stone and granite sets

The 24" compact trowel will finish right up to the edge and is ideal for internal work and specialist floor finishes. The trowel improves application rates, compaction and finish

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