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The original PLAZIFLEX range of plaster finishing trowels are manufactured in the UK. We introduced the PLAZIFLEX back in 2010 and it has continued to be a trade favourite ever since.

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PLAZI Spatula-Rules 12" - 60"

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PLAZI Spatula-Rules 12" - 60"
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REFINA’s range of trowels & floats are among the most popular plastering tools in the business.

These PLAZIFLEX skimming trowels are for finishing, final trowelling and polishing Multi-finish plasters. They are lightweight and easy to use leaving an excellent finish on the final trowelling. With REFINA you can be sure that your trowels & floats won’t let you down, and are comfortable, durable, and suitable for producing fantastic work day in and day out.

There are two types of PLAZIFLEX plastering trowels:

The trowels with a flexiback design are produced with a 1.0mm black plastic blade and are the most flexible in the range.

The flatback design are produced with either a 1.5mm black plastic blade (semi-flexible) or 2.0mm plastic blade (semi-rigid).

Our range of plastic trowels and floats also includes texture ABS floats, Polyurethene plastic floats, darbies and hawks plus ABS diamond faced plastic floats for finishing renders, cements and screeds.

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