Plastic Trowels & Floats

The original PLAZIFLEX range of plaster finishing trowels are manufactured in the UK. We introduced the PLAZIFLEX back in 2010 and it has continued to be a trade favourite ever since 
PLAZIFLEX is a registered trademark of REFINA Ltd

These PLAZIFLEX skimming trowels are for finishing, final trowelling and polishing Multi-finish plasters. They are lightweight and easy to use leaving an excellent finish on the final trowelling

There are two types of PLAZIFLEX trowels.
The trowels with a flexiback design are produced with a 1.0mm black plastic blade and are the most flexible in the range

The flatback design are produced with either a 1.5mm black plastic blade (semi-flexible) or 2.0mm plastic blade (semi-rigid)

The Premium mini trowels are made in Germany and have a stainless steel blade with alloy shank and soft composite blue handle. Cork, leather and traditional wood handles are produced. The mini trowels slot into the blade holder bracket on the top of the replaceable trowel blade. As there are several types of handle in stock, order the trowel blade and handle separately.

New PLAZIFLEX skimming spatula-rules are produced in 32", 40" and 48" lengths with a 1.5mm semi-flexible plastic blade. The roll-grip frame can be fitted with a clip handle for ceiling work.

Leather and polyester trowel holders are available for the 12", 14", 16" & 18" PLAZIFLEX trowels. These help to protect the blade from damage.

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