Plastering Trowels

REFINA's plaster, cement and finishing trowels are premium quality trowels for the plaster, rendering and cement trades. They are made from the finest and flattest chrome stainless steel for rust-free use, manufactured using the most modern production techniques, and hand finished to ensure the finest trade quality trowels.

Our SUPERFLEX-1 finishing trowels have a high-grade stainless steel flexible blade, alloy frame and moulded soft grip handle. These trowels are lightweight and easy to use on multi-finish, skimming and board-finish plasters.

The narrower SUPERFLEX-2 trowels have a 4¾" wide blade and a longer bracket which makes the blade slightly stiffer. They are produced with a fine grade stainless steel blade.

The SUPERFLEX-3 rose gold stainless steel trowels are produced with a 0.5mm gauge blade giving more rigidity along the blade while being the most durable flex trowel on the market which can be used all the way through the plastering process.


The lightweight FINATEX-1 laying on trowels have a 0.65mm gauge stainless steel blade which is mechanically broken in and ready to use on plaster, render & cement. The soft blue composite handle is comfortable on the hand, easy to grip and reduces muscle and joint strain. The FINATEX-2 rose gold stainless steel pre-worn in trowels are produced with a slightly thinner gauge blade giving more flexibility in use and are ideal for use when drylining.

Cement Trowels

Our premium quality cement trowels have a narrower 0.65mm gauge stainless steel blade and long shank, giving a more rigid feel than the standard plastering trowels.

Pool Trowels

REFINA stainless steel premium pool trowels are produced with either long shanks for stiffness or short shanks for flexibility. The blades are rounded at both ends for use on specialist floor finishes, concrete and resins.

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