PLAZIFLEX Trowel 1.0mm Flexiback Blades 18"
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  • PLAZIFLEX Trowel 1.0mm Flexiback Blades 18"

PLAZIFLEX Flexiback Blades 12" - 24" - B graded stock

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B graded stock, less 20%

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These PLAZIFLEX blades are discounted due to slight cosmetic imperfections.  They have all been checked and they have light scratches on the top of the trowel but the underneath of the blade is in new condition and performance of the trowel blade is unaffected as a result

We are offering these blades at 20% less than the normal trade price. Graded stock is non-returnable

BULK-BUY.jpg Buy 3 blades in the cosmetic seconds range and get a free lightweight plastic shaft mini trowel worth £11 ex vat (221031) Simple add 3 blades to your basket (can be any size) and a mini trowel will be added foc at checkout


• New more durable construction
• Replaceable blades & range of sizes
• Excellent finish & lightweight to use
• No need for splashing water on final coat
• Cover large areas with less trowel pressure
• Easier on the arm & joints
• Flexible blade suitable for curved surfaces
• For multi finish & skimming
• PLAZIFLEX blades are produced in the UK

The trowels have a flexiback design that gives flexibility across the blade width but rigidity along the length

These blades are used with the mini trowels. The mini trowels have a stainless steel blade with alloy shank and soft handle; they slot into the plastic blade holder bracket on the flexible plastic blade

Use the PLAZIFLEX after the wet trowel (normally steel trowel) application then dry trowel and final cross trowel to finish

It’s a lot easier going on the arm, the plastic just glides over the surface and brings up the surface to a tight polished finish

The plastic blades allow easier and faster closing in and flattening of the final finish coat. There is less need to wait for plaster to pick up, and can be used effectively when plaster is still wet

Code Desc Size
228173 12" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 300x140mm
228175 14" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 350x140mm
228177 16" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 400x140mm
228179 18" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 450x140mm
228181 20" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 500x140mm
228185 24" PLAZIFLEX flexiback blade 600x140mm

• Blade thickness 1.0mm


• For finishing and trowelling up topcoat plasters and finishes
• Leaves an excellent finish on the final skim coat


In order to provide optimal performance, the PLAZIFLEX range has been developed using specialised flexible plastics, however the durability of these plastics means that they require some care in order to prolong use. If one of the edges becomes damaged during use, it can often be rectified by rubbing along the edge with a wet and dry sand paper block

The midget trowel shoe fittings are designed to have a snug fit in order to give good tactile feedback when in use. To avoid difficulty in inserting the handle, it is recommended that the handle is removed and the shoe fitting cleaned after each use. To ease fitting the handle apply a water or silicone-based lubricant

When not in use, keep the provided edge protectors in place on the trowel.  High temperature environments such as radiators, window sills or car dashboards can cause warping. Moderate warping can often be rectified by flexing the trowel along its length (i.e. toe towards heel), in both directions

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