• 228176 16" PLAZIFLEX Trowel
  • 228055 PLAZIFLEX Mini Trowel
  • 228052 PLAZIFLEX Mini Spatula
  • 227912 PLAZIFLEX Darby-spatula


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Four PLAZIFLEX tools including the 16" trowel, the new mini trowel, mini spatula & darby spatula

• PLAZIFLEX skimming trowel blade 16" (228177
• Flexible blade for finishing skim plasters
• Blade thinkness 1.0mm
• Size 400x140mm
• Complete with premium mini trowel (221022)

• PLAZIFLEX mini trowel (228055)

• PLAZIFLEX mini spatula (228052)

• PLAZIFLEX darby-spatula (227912)

The plastic blades allow easier and faster closing in and polishing of the final finish coat. There is less need to wait for plaster to pick up, and can be used effectively when plaster is still wet

The new PLAZIFLEX mini trowel has a push stainless steel finger trowel and flexiback replaceable blade for use like a pipe trowel

The mini spatula is used for flattening small areas

The new PLAZIFLEX darby-spatulas can be used one or two handed for flattening. Sizes available 12", 14" & 20"