Notched Trowels

Discover REFINA's premium range of notched trowels and spatulas, perfect for smoothing, scraping, and evenly distributing materials. Our notched trowels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and notch patterns to meet all your needs.

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NotchTile Adhesive Spreading Trowels

The REFINA range of notched and adhesive trowels includes the next-generation NotchTile spreading trowels, designed by professionals for professionals to enhance the tiling application process.

Available in various sizes and equipped with self-composite handles, these revolutionary notched trowels feature a high-quality coating for easy cleaning and extended durability. They also boast a distinctive laser-cut two-step H45 notch pattern designed to undercut adhesives, allowing ridges to collapse with less pressure and ensuring maximum coverage.

Notched Spatulas

Our premium range of notched spatulas, featuring replaceable stainless steel blades, is perfect for applying, spreading, and levelling tile and surface adhesives and mortars during floor, wall, and ceiling installations.

REFINA roll-grip notched spatulas are lightweight and available in a variety of sizes and blade options. Explore the full range online today or find your local dealer!

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