REFINA's heavy-duty plaster mixing equipment is tailored for professionals in the plaster, render, flooring, and repair trades. Our range features the number one MEGAMIXER professional paddle mixers, forced-action mixers, mobile mixing stations, and attachments.

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Paddle Mixers:

Developed in collaboration with EIBENSTOCK, our MEGAMIXER paddle mixers are engineered to excel in handling heavy materials and large-volume mixes of plasters, epoxies, cement, renders, and screeds. Each paddle mixer boasts an exceptionally prolonged lifespan, ensuring long-lasting performance to meet your needs.

Forced Action Mixers:

REFINA's forced action mixers are designed for effectively mixing materials such as plaster, concrete, mortar and resin by utilising a powerful motor and a rotating paddle to ensure consistent mixing results.

In particular, our Daines and Rotamixers are equipped with removable drums and stainless steel paddles, streamlining the mixing process and making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Mobile Mixing Stations:

Additionally, experience next-level efficiency in mixing with our superior range of mobile mixing stations for greater mobility. With easy transportation and high performance, our mobile mixers enable uninterrupted mixing directly on-site.

Explore the TwinMix 1800 by EIBENSTOCK, featuring contra-rotating mixer paddles coupled with a scraper paddle designed to prevent material buildup on the bucket rim, guaranteeing thorough and consistent mixing.

All our plaster mixers are backed by a warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

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