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Upgrade your mixing equipment and accessories with REFINA's exceptional selection of mixing paddles and adapters. Specifically designed for trade professionals, our high-performing and durable range helps you achieve flawless results in any mixing application.

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MR3 Spiral Paddles 4" - 8"

Ref: 031002G - 032002G
£28.20 — £47.20

Twin Paddles for MZR, 3 sizes

Ref: 452140-452142
£104.00 — £111.00

Available in various styles and sizes, our range includes spiral, helix, hoop, basket, propeller and gate paddles. Each paddle is manufactured to generate a thorough mix action for a wide range of materials. Additionally, our threaded paddles support an M14 connection, compatible with the REFINA range of handheld mixers.

Key Features of Our Mixing Paddles:

Unmatched Efficiency: Precision-engineered paddles designed to optimise mixing performance and minimise material waste.

Superior Durability: Made from high-grade materials to withstand the toughest mixing jobs and provide long-lasting service.

Versatility: A wide range of paddle types, sizes, and mixer options to suit a variety of mixing applications and materials.

Seamless Compatibility:Adapters to ensure a perfect fit with your existing mixing machine or selection of the REFINA and EIBENSTOCK mixers for your needs.

Paddle Styles & Finishes

Premium mixing paddles are an essential for daily tasks when mixing various materials which is why our paddles are well balanced to reduce paddle wobble and wear on the gearbox front end bearings.

Powder coating:REFINA’s orange finish paddles are well recognised by trade users for their durability. The high quality powder coating is easy to clean and provides longevity of the paddle.

Zinc plated:Zinc plated steel paddles are available for use with solvent based paints and materials. The zinc coating protects the mixing paddle from rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel:Stainless steel paddles can be used in industrial settings for mixing chemicals, corrosive materials and materials that could react with coated steel paddles.

Food grade: Food grade certified paddles for use with food, beverage, beauty and pharmaceutical products. REFINA’s high quality paddles have fully closed welds and electro-polished surfaces to prevent adhesion of particulates.

Shop the full range of REFINA’s mixing paddles online or browse our dealer network to find a local dealer near you.

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