Industrial Electric Mixers

Refina industrial electric mixers are a range of mixer drills that will batch mix liquids, resins, paints, powders and pastes in tubs, drums and barrels
These mixers are used in the paint and coating, marine and fibreglass trades, ceramics and pottery, plastics and rubber, moulding and manufacturing industries
All electric power tools are made in Germany by Eibenstock.

• Fast, thorough, consistent mixing
• Hand held or stand mounted electric mixers
• Powerful motors & gearboxes
• Mix quantities from 5 ltr to 200 ltr
• Mixers for liquids, powders & heavy materials
• Cements, epoxies, paints, adhesives & chemicals
• Mixer barrel clamps, top brackets & pillar stands
• Prompt nationwide collect and repair serviceEibenstock

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