Refina Power Tools & Equipment

REFINA Tools & Equipment for Plaster, Render, Repair & Floor Trades

We supply the largest range of professional quality, power tools and equipment for mixing and spraying, diamond drilling, surface preparation and flooring.

Our range includes MEGAMIXERS, ROTAMIXERS and EIBENSTOCK equipment. The full range of EIBENSTOCK power tools which are made in Germany, are stocked and distributed in the UK by us.

REFINA supply the best quality hand tools are stocked in depth for the refurbishment, trowel and wet trades.

REFINA specialise in stainless steel trowels which are rust free and durable, and we stock the largest range of specialist stainless steel trowels in the UK for the plaster, render, floor, concrete, repair and paint trades.
In our hand tools range we stock FINATEX premium laying on trowels, SUPERFLEX skimming trowels, PLAZIFLEX skimming trowels and spatula-rules, skimming spatula-rules, CLIKCLAK sponge floats, plastic trowels, flooring and screeding tools, levellers and spiked rollers.

Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

REFINA supply the most comprehensive range of mixing equipment for the plaster, render, floor and repair trades. The equipment includes the best selling and most reliable and durable range of MEGAMIXER mixer drills produced by EIBENSTOCK in Germany and mixer paddles. ROTAMIXERS, produced here in the UK, include rotary tub mixers for mortars and epoxy resins, and the rotary paddle pan mixers for mortars, renders and screed. The new stainless steel RESIMIXER, produced here in the UK is designed for mixing resin bound aggregates and driveway materials.

Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment

REFINA air powered spray equipment is designed to complement our range of mixers and to apply decorative coatings, textures, cements, mortars, plasters and renders

Prep Equipment

Surface Prep Equipment

We supply a range of specialist application power tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs. All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac. These power tools are available for hire and sale across the country

Flooring Equipment

Flooring Equipment

REFINA supply a range of specialist application single phase floor surface preparation equipment that is available in both 110v and 230v. The equipment is for use by commercial floor and carpet fitters, wood sanding and renovation specialists, epoxy, screed, paint and concrete contractors, shop fitting, refurbishment and renovation trades and factory maintenance. The machines are dust free if used with a Dustex vac

Drilling & Cutting Equipment

Drilling & Cutting

EIBENSTOCK diamond cutters and drills are robust power tools designed for specialist trade use. The cutters and wall chasers are for fast clean cutting in concrete, brick and blockwork
The diamond drills will drill clean holes through concrete and masonry, the smooth rotary drilling action creates less noise and less dust. Extraction vacs are available to facilitate dust free cutting and drilling

Plastering Hand Tools & Trowels

Hand Tools & Trowels

REFINA supply only the best quality trade tools and equipment. All tools and trowels are produced in Germany, Europe or the UK and are guaranteed for trade use. REFINA stock the largest range of specialist stainless steel trowels in the UK for the plaster, floor, concrete, repair and paint trades. Many of those difficult to find or specialist tools are available off the shelf

Floor, Screed & Tiling Tools

Floor, Screed & Tiling

REFINA flooring tools are produced in Germany, Europe or the UK and are guaranteed for trade use. We supply notched trowels, pin levellers & squeegees, spiked rollers as well as high quality paint rollers, tiling sponges and coving trowels


Plaster & Render Trades

Plastering & Rendering

In this section we have all the trade tools and equipment related to plastering and rendering. Here you can find all our plaster and render mixing equipment; MEGAMIXERS, ROTAMIXERS, threaded paddles, mixing tubs and spot board stands. Our spray equipment for plastering, rendering and exterior coatings include STX spray pumps, hopper guns, paint spray units and compressors.
There is also the surface prep power tools for walls and ceiling; multi-surfacers, drywall sanders, plaster & render power floats and dustex vacs for a dust free working environment.
You will also find our extensive range of plastering & rendering hand tools and trowels; SUPERFLEX, FINATEX, PLAZIFLEX trowels, CLIKCLAK sponge floats, render scrapers, harling trowels, spatulas, rules and levels, brushes and rollers.

Flooring & Screeding Trades

Flooring & Screeding Trades

REFINA ROTAMIXERS are rotary action mixers produced in the UK for a wide range of mortars and cementitious coatings. The new RMX120 has been designed to mix resin and epoxy flooring materials such as resin bound aggregates, driveway materials, epoxies, rubber crumb and playground surfaces.
Surface preparation equipment includes diamond floor grinders (made in UK), paint and floor strippers plus power tools for prep and stone polishing. We also have a selection of power floats and tools to complete the range

Marine & Steel Trades

Marine, Grp & Steel Trades

REFINA supply surface preparation equipment for removing paints and coating from wood and steel. These EIBENSTOCK power tools are used for ship hulls and decks, abrasives for both steel and concrete bridge repairs as well as paint, deck wood & grp work. The tungsten tip surface blaster will produce a finish akin to shot blasting
The EIBENSTOCK GUTBUSTER range of drills are hand held slow speed drills for drilling into steel

Building Repair Trades

Building Repair Trades

REFINA supply a wide range of tools and equipment for the renovation and building repair trade. The equipment includes rotary tub mixers for mortars and epoxy resins, rotary paddle pan mixers for renders and screed. We have ROTAPUMP screw spray pumps to spray cements, renders and pump grouts and mortars.
We have a range of EIBENSTOCK surface preparation equipment suitable for prepping the work area as well as equipment to smooth and finish

Plumbing & Heating Trades

Drilling, Plumbing & Heating Trades

In this section you will find our range of power tools suitable for the plumbing and heating trades. Here you can find diamond wall chasers, cutters, hand held drills, drill rigs. EIBENSTOCK produce a wide selection of diamond drills which are robust, durable power tools.
The diamond drilling method produces clean holes both at entry and exit. The drilling action is non impact and there is less noise and dust. EIBENSTOCK power tools are available for hire or sale throughout the UK