Forced Action Mixers

Refina range of forced action tub mixers includes the compact Daines and RM65 and RM90 Rotamixers. These mixers have removable drums and stainless steel paddles that will mix cement repair mortars, epoxy mortars and latex floor toppings.

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The RMX120 and RMX140 also have stainless steel paddles but have larger capacity drum. These mixers will mix monocouche & ocr render, sand & cement renders, epoxy mortars & resin bound aggregates, screeds and repair mortars and cements. The RMX120 has a removable stainless steel drum for easy cleaning and is designed to mix aggregate and resin material, playground and highway repair surfaces.

The RMR230 has the largest capacity drum and uses twin 85kg rollers that will turn and mix lime mortars and putties, renders and plaster, rework traditional and reclaimed materials, crush and rework old and reclaimed materials.

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