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EIBENSTOCK is the leading German manufacturer of specialist wet and dry diamond core drills, small precision drills, and drilling rig stands for professionals.

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Our comprehensive selection of diamond drills and rigs caters to both handheld and rig-mounted applications, offering versatility and unsurpassed power for tackling diverse drilling projects.

Dry core drills: Our dry diamond core drills feature high-performance motors and gearboxes with mechanical clutches for exceptional drilling.

Wet and dry core drills: EIBENSTOCK's selection of wet and dry diamond core drills is ideal for various applications and materials. Thanks to their powerful motor, they can easily drill large-capacity holes in reinforced concrete and masonry. Every single wet and dry drill in our range can be used handheld or rig-mounted for added convenience.

Percussion drills: Our percussion diamond core drills are equipped with an innovative soft vibro-percussion function for dry coring in hard brick, abrasive damp blocks and reinforced concrete. These drills are extremely versatile and can be used without the percussion function for dry drilling in softer materials.

Precision drills: Precision diamond drills and hole saws are specifically designed for professionals who require fast and accurate drilling in ceramic and stone tiles, and synthetic and polished concrete worktops.

Drill rigs: Drill rigs are designed to alleviate the stress and hassle of diamond drilling. They allow you to position the rig, anchor it, and insert the core bit. EIBENSTOCK's range of diamond drill rigs combines high-quality German engineering with a modern and durable design you can rely on. With a range of clamps and collar sizes, compact or combi vac base, explore the the full range online.

Drilling cores & accessories: Our range of dry and wet diamond cores is manufactured to the highest standards and features laser-welded diamond segments with a specialist coating. The solid cores have optimum airflow for segment cooling and dust extraction, making them a must-have for professionals.

Our diamond drills and rigs come in a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs. Browse our extensive selection online or visit your local dealer to find the perfect drill for your next drilling project.

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