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  • MM30 MEGAMIXER Mixing Grout

    The MM30 Megamixer is a robust power tool with a 1800 watt motor that will generate a fast, thorough mix action. The two speed MM30 mixer is best for mixing heavy materials and large volume mixes including plasters, hardwalland bonding, external renders, floor screed, repair and epoxy mortars
  • MEGAMIXER Mixing Carlite Ultra Finish

    MAC Plastering's quick video on how to mix plaster. He demostrates the exact way he does it with tips throughout. In the video he using a MM30 MEGAMIXER to mix Carlite ultra finish which is a final coat plaster for skimming ceilings and walls.
  • RM65 ROTAMIXER Mixing Render

    The RM65 ROTAMIXER mixing Parex Monorex render. The rotating drum produces a centrifugal mix and the technically designed paddles generate a radial and axial action. The RM65 will mix up to two bags of repair or fibre filled mortar, grout, epoxy, screed, flooring latex and coatings, cements, tile adhesives and special plasters.

  • Eibenstock FloorMix 2300

    Eibenstock FloorMix 2300

  • STX410 Spray MultiFinish Plaster

    Darren Mookien from trials the STX410 pump to spray MultiFinish plaster. In this video he also uses the MM19 MEGAMIXER, compressor, and a range of Refina spatulas, sponge floats and trowels

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Finish Plaster

    Dot & Dab Plastering video showing all the stages of applying silicone render directly on to blockwork. Firstly using Refina spatula-rules & plastic floats to get the surface ready before using the STX515 ROTAPUMP to pump the render

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Spraying K Rend

    To spray K Rend onto the wall we are using the REFINA STX515 pump with the EEG19 lance spray gun. This pump will spray thin and top coat render, textured wall coatings, finish and spray plasters

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Spraying Parex

    In this demonstration we used a STX515T2 speed Screw Spray Pump and a AC15P Petrol Compressor to spray Parex Sand Fine Finish acrylic render evenly on to a wall. The AC15P 15cfm 5.5hp petrol compressor has a Honda engine, 60 ltr air tank and will output 425 ltr/min @ 6 bar

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Spray Render

    The Refina STX515 is a two speed screw pump and is ideal for spraying one coat render. The spray pump is powered by a Refina C330/10 2½hp compressor. The EEG17 lance spray gun is used for skim plaster, thin coat render and acrylic wall coatings and is supplied with a range of nozzles from 4-10mm

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Pump Grout

    Using the MM30 MEGAMIXER to mixer Tecroc thixotropic grout. Once correct consistency has occurred load the STX515 ROTAPUMP with the material and pump the grout with a lance mortar gun

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP One Coat Render

    The Refina STX515 is a two speed screw pump that will spray a wide range of coatings. The spray lance in this video is used with a 12mm nozzle to spray the backing coat plasters & polymer renders. To finish the job drag the topcoat render with a Refina aluminium serrated feather edge and smooth with a stainless steel finishing trowel

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP & EPG400

    Dot & Dab Plastering using the STX515 ROTAPUMP to spray render, and then using the EIBENSTOCK EPG400 power sponge to finish the surface

  • STX515 ROTAPUMP Top Coat

    Polar Warm Wall Ltd using our STX515 ROTAPUMP to spray top coat acrylic render. The finish is achieved straight from the gun and is easy to apply around window reveals. Up to 300 metres a day can be sprayed with the pump

  • ACF405 Peristaltic Pump

    These images were sent in by Brandon Hire showing them using the ACF405 peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump is a positive displacement pump and used for pumping a variety of flowable mortars and grouts.

  • EPG400 EIBENSTOCK Render Scraper

    Powell Plastering using the EPG400 Power float with the toothed render scraper disc to finish off render. The versatile EPG400 machine will sponge and float backing coat plasters and renders as well as scrap back monocouche and one coat renders.

  • ELS225 EIBENSTOCK Drywall Sander

    The sander is used for sanding back and smoothing drywall joints; prepping and sanding walls and ceilings prior to painting and decorating. It is lightweight and comes complete with dust guard allowing dust free operation when coupled with a suitable vac. The sander head has a flexi joint that can be adjusted without tools.

  • EPO180 EIBENSTOCK Surface Scabbler

    The EPO180H with scabbler head will clean, key and prepare interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces. The scabbler uses freely rotating cutters to key and peen the surface. The cutters are replaceable. C6 cutters leaves a rough finish, C4 claw cutters leaves a smooth finish and C5 star cutters leaves a keyed surface

  • EBS1802 EIBENSTOCK Grinder

    The EBS1802H is a powerful 1800 watt 5" diamond grinder and is used for prepping a wide range of difficult to remove coatings including thick, elastomeric wall coatings, cement adhesive, bitumens and hardened epoxies and stone paints. Supplied with ustex guard with removable front for edging.

  • RFX210 REFINA Floor Stripper

    The RFX210 is a compact floor carpet stripper for lifting floor coverings, carpet tiles and foam backed carpet, lino, rubber floor coverings andvinyls. The floor stripper works off screed, latex, concrete or wood surfaces and will lift floor coverings leaving a minimum of residue and backing.

  • PD23 REFINA Floor Grinder

    The PD23 is a heavy duty floor grinder which is easy to set up, use and maintain. It is ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and floor paints, effectively removes rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from factory floors. Use with vac for dust free grinding

  • END1550P Diamond Drill

    The END1550P is a high speed diamond drill for use with small diameter core bits. It will drill accurate holes in reinforced stone, tiles, concrete and masonry for resin anchors, chemical fixings and rawl bolts. Using GB diamond core bits, the power tool will quickly drill granite and limestone, hard tiles and porcelain

  • EMF150 & EMF180 Wall Chasers

    Adjusting the slot width

  • EMF150 & EMF180 Wall Chasers

    Changing the blade

  • REFINA Spatula-rule

    These lightweight stainless steel blade spatula-rules with a h frame moulded hand grip are available in various sizes and blade thicknesses. They are ideal for finishing & smoothing plaster. An extendale handle is available for ceiling work

  • Plastering Techniques

    Craig Welsh shares this step by step video on plastering. He demonstrates using a MEGAMIXER to mix the plaster then shows each step of laying on and finishing plaster using a SUPERFLEX trowel, Skimming spatula-rule, Premium FINATEX trowel and PLAZIFLEX trowel to achieve a perfect plastering finish

  • Plastering Techniques

    London-Plasterer send in their video about plastering with Gypsum Multi-finish using a one coat sponge method.

  • PLAZIFLEX Trowel Assembly

    This video was produced by Handlools Xpress and shows how to easily attach the PLAZIFLEX blade to the mini trowel. In this guide they apply a little grease to help glide the mini trowel into the plastic bracket

  • Sponge Floats

    RWF 0067 YouTube channel video shows DIY enthusiasts and beginners how to use sponge floats. Good close up shots of the texture and finish achieved

  • REFINA Bucket Scoop

    The Aluminium Bucket Scoop. One scoop is exactly one hawk load. It has a 60cm handle and the curved scoop easily reaches bucket corners. Heavy duty & robustly made in the UK

  • REFINA Tools for Quions

    In this video Saint Gobain Weber UK demonstrates how to create traditional Quoin feature on weber.pralmonocouche render or weber.rend OCR using Refina tools.

  • Tele-Board Prop

    The telescopic quick prop has a sprung quick release head that springs into position after triggering the release button. The top and bottom plates have swivel ball joints that allow the prop to be fixed in position at an angle up to 50º.