Explore the premium range of REFINA plastering brushes designed to simplify the daily routines of professional plasterers. Our water brushes, bucket brushes and stipple brushes are available in various sizes and ensure excellent finishes every time.

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Water Brushes

REFINA's water brushes are perfect for wetting down the working surface or trowel. With three bristle options, each securely attached to a classic octagonal handle and stainless steel ferrule, these water brushes promise exceptional durability for prolonged use.

Bucket Brushes

Our bucket brushes feature wooden handles and are ideal for cleaning and removing material build-up from the inside of buckets. Each brush features hard-wearing, stiff plastic or natural-style bristles, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

You can also choose from long and short-handle designs based on your preference.

Stipple Brushes

Stipple brushes create textured ceilings, swirl finishes, and various patterns, including Artex, to create the illusion of texture, depth, or shading. REFINA's stipple brushes are equipped with rubber bristles attached to the base of a PU plastic float, which provides exceptional finishes for patchwork and new installations.

Discover the full range of plastering brushes with REFINA, or find your nearest dealer.

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