Masonry & Tyrolean Spray Guns

• gravity feed spray gun with 5 ltr hopper
• versatile spray gun for heavy bodied paints
• proven design & performance
• easy to use & clean
• works with 2hp compressor
• for high build & cementitious coatings
• Cullamix tyrolean & textured renders
• Sandtex & masonry paints
• Artex & textured coatings
• Vandex tanking & waterproofing coatings

Hopper Spray Gun

Ref: 150350

Price:129.00 (Ex VAT)

Electric Compressor

Ref: 171023

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

5m Air Hose Kit

Ref: 982084

Price:10.00 (Ex VAT)

10m Air Hose Kit

Ref: 982085

Price:15.00 (Ex VAT)

15m Air Hose Kit

Ref: 982086

Price:20.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

Hopper Spray Gun & Compressor

Ref: 150350K 

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)