Air Powered Paint Spray Units

• air powered professional spray guns
• range of nozzle sizes
• pressure feed pots for fast application
• low overspray for emulsion & multi-fleck
• for spraying Sandtex & masonry paint
• Portaflek & interior finishes
• interior & exterior coatings
• decorative paints & emulsion
• multi-fleck paints

ACOE15 Spray Gun

Ref: 141280

Price:49.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

EEG18 Lance Spray Gun

Ref: 141498

Price:109.00 (Ex VAT)

EEG17 Lance Spray Gun

Ref: 141496

Price:99.00 (Ex VAT)

4 ltr Paint Pressure Container

Ref: 155010

Price:149.00 (Ex VAT)

3m Air & Paint Hose Kit

Ref: 982203

Price:20.00 (Ex VAT)

5m Air & Paint Hose Kit

Ref: 982204

Price:30.00 (Ex VAT)

8m Air & Paint Hose Kit

Ref: 982205

Price:45.00 (Ex VAT)

5m Air & Paint Hose Kit

Ref: 982214

Price:50.00 (Ex VAT)