Rotamixer Resin & Epoxy Mixers

• compact forced action mixers
• rotary pan & paddle mix action
• stainless steel paddles
• L shape paddle for full sweep mix action
• paddle adjustable for heavy & liquid materials
• easy clean & low maintenance
• mixing cement repair mortars
• epoxy mortars
• latex floor topping
• produced by Refina in the UK

RM32 Forced Action Rotamixer 1.1kw

Ref: 703300

Price:899.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

32ltr Metal Drum for RM32

Ref: 323202

Price:20.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

RM65 Forced Action Rotamixer 1.1kw

Ref: 706600 

Price:1,095.00 (Ex VAT)


65ltr Plastic Tub for RM65

Ref: 326501

Price:19.00 (Ex VAT)

RM90 Forced Action Rotamixer 1.5kw

Ref: 709000

Price:1,395.00 (Ex VAT)

90ltr Plastic Tub for RM90

Ref: 329003

Price:20.00 (Ex VAT)

RM65 & RM90 Tub Lifting Trolley

Ref: 706501

Price:180.00 (Ex VAT)

Daines MR40 Rotary Drum Mixer 0.75kw

Ref: 709001

Price:759.00 (Ex VAT)

32 ltr Metal Drum for MR40

Ref: DM323203

Price:20.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

Daines MR30 Rotary Drum Mixer 0.75kw

Ref: 709003 

Price:699.00 (Ex VAT)


30ltr Plastic Drum for MR30

Ref: 323004

Price:13.00 (Ex VAT)