Threaded Mixing Paddles

• trade quality technically designed paddles
• generate a thorough mix action
• threaded shaft to fit directly into mixer drill
• largest range of designs & sizes
• guaranteed German made quality
• mix liquids & powders
• plasters & textures
• renders & lime mortars
• paints & coatings
• cements & mortars
• resins & epoxies
• latex & screed
• tile cements & adhesives

MR3 100G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031002G

Price:26.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3 120G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031202G

Price:28.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3 130G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031302G

Price:29.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3 140G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031402G

Price:29.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3 160G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031602G

Price:33.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3 180G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031802G

Price:39.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

MR3 200G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 032002G

Price:43.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3R 120G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031203G

Price:28.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3R 140G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031403G

Price:30.00 (Ex VAT)

MR3R 160G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 031603G

Price:33.00 (Ex VAT)

MR4 100G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 041002G

Price:25.00 (Ex VAT)

MR4 120G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 041202G

Price:27.00 (Ex VAT)

MR4 140G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 041402G

Price:29.00 (Ex VAT)

MR4 160G Spiral Paddle

Ref: 041602G

Price:33.00 (Ex VAT)

MR1 140G Hoop Paddle

Ref: 011402G

Price:17.00 (Ex VAT)

MR1 160G Hoop Paddle

Ref: 011602G

Price:19.00 (Ex VAT)

MR1 180G Hoop Paddle

Ref: 011802G

Price:21.00 (Ex VAT)

MR7 130G Basket Paddle

Ref: 071302G

Price:33.00 (Ex VAT)

MR7 160G Basket Paddle

Ref: 071602G

Price:41.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

MR8 100G Impellor Paddle

Ref: 081002G

Price:21.00 (Ex VAT)

MR8 120G Impellor Paddle

Ref: 081202G

Price:26.00 (Ex VAT)

MR8 150G Impellor Paddle

Ref: 081502G

Price:39.00 (Ex VAT)

Gate Paddle 8

Ref: 011102G

Price:40.00 (Ex VAT)