Megamixer™ Power Tools

Our MEGAMIXER range of mixers are ideal for mixing plaster and render as well as paints and floor coatings

• 1 year guarantee on power tool & paddle
• heavy duty plaster mixers
• H or D handle for ease & comfort
• high torque, slow speed
• smooth, lump free mixes
• large range of interchangeable paddles
• guaranteed German made mixers
• mix finish & backing plaster
• render & external wall insulation
• mortars & epoxy
• floor screed, latex & coatings
• heavy bodied coatings & paints

Special Offer

Megamixer MM30 Mixer 1800w

Ref: 45303160 

Price:389.00 (Ex VAT)


Special Offer

Megamixer MM22 Mixer 1150w

Ref: 45223140 

Price:309.00 (Ex VAT)


Megamixer MM21 Mixer 1150w

Ref: 45213140

Price:279.00 (Ex VAT)

New Product

MM20S Mixer Drill 1100w

Ref: 451801 

Price:249.00 (Ex VAT)


Megamixer MM29 Mixer 1800w

Ref: 45293160

Price:359.00 (Ex VAT)

Megamixer MM19 Mixer 1050w

Ref: 45193130

Price:209.00 (Ex VAT)

Mix & Tipper for Latex Flooring

Ref: 107510

Price:699.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

MZR21 Twin Paddle Megamixer 1300w

Ref: 4522101 

Price:399.00 (Ex VAT)


New Product

EZR23 Twin Paddle Megamixer 1800w

Ref: 452310 

Price:599.00 (Ex VAT)

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