Marine & Steel Trades

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• rubber mounted tungsten points
• blast off both hard & rubbery coatings
• removes bitumastic & rubbery paints
• clean inside of tanks before recoating
• prep steel, rust, scale & marine structures
• de-rust checker plate & ships decks
• leaves surface for anti-corrosion paints
• clean pipe joints for inspection

Made in Germany

Surface Scabbler with C4 Cutters

Ref: 4811864

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

Surface Scabbler with C2 Cutters

Ref: 4811862

Price:429.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C4 Cutters

Ref: 346374

Price:269.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C2 Cutters

Ref: 346372

Price:229.00 (Ex VAT)

C4 Cutters (Set of 28)

Ref: 348284

Price:89.00 (Ex VAT)

C2 Cutters (Set of 49)

Ref: 348492

Price:49.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

EPO1310-MBX 3

Ref: 842000 

Price:199.00 (Ex VAT)


MBX Medium Brown Belt Brush

Ref: 380014

Price:19.00 (Ex VAT)

MBX Stainless Steel Belt Brush

Ref: 380018

Price:29.00 (Ex VAT)

MBX Brush Holder 43mm

Ref: 380010

Price:10.00 (Ex VAT)

EPO180H Paint Stripper + Dust Hood

Ref: 481208

Price:329.00 (Ex VAT)


Ref: 300180

Price:9.95 (Ex VAT)