Industrial Air Mixers

Refina air powered mixing equipment is used whenever electrical powered mixers are hazardous or impractical. They are ideal for mixing solvents, lacquers and volatile chemicals

Air powered motors have several advantages. They are non sparking, explosion proof and useable in harsh, chemical or dangerous environments. They are compact in size and cool running, better suited for continuous operation and variable speed control

• for mixing flammable & solvent based materials
• fast, thorough, consistent mixing
• hand held or stand mounted pneumatic air mixers
• powerful motors & gearboxes
• mix quantities from 5 ltr to 200 ltr

AM24 Air Mixer + Stainless Paddle

Ref: 720082

Price:199.00 (Ex VAT)

AM28 Air Paint Mixer + S/S Paddle

Ref: 720072

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

MV1700G Mixer Stand Grid Base

Ref: 195610C

Price:525.00 (Ex VAT)

AMG30 Air Powered Mixer + Paddle

Ref: 720409

Price:699.00 (Ex VAT)

Adjustable Drum Bracket

Ref: 558035A

Price:140.00 (Ex VAT)

RWG53 Centre Drum Bracket

Ref: 558020

Price:120.00 (Ex VAT)

RWG62C Centre Drum Bracket

Ref: 558030

Price:120.00 (Ex VAT)

RWG62S Side Entry Drum Bracket

Ref: 558032

Price:140.00 (Ex VAT)

AM35 Air Powered Mixer + Paddle

Ref: 720452

Price:599.00 (Ex VAT)

AMG35 Air Powered Mixer + Paddle

Ref: 720451

Price:899.00 (Ex VAT)