Eibenstock Slow Speed Drills

• slow speed high torque engineers drills
• powerful gutbuster design
• produced with morse taper spindle
• for use with engineers steel drills
• large diameter hole
• saws for steel & plastic
• large diameter wood drills & augers
• EHB32 produced with clutch

Made in Germany

Special Offer

EHB16/1 SR/L 1 Speed 1150w Reversible Drill

Ref: 461604 

Price:129.00 (Ex VAT)


Special Offer

EHB16/2.4 SR/L 2 Speed 1100w Reversible Drill

Ref: 461614 

Price:199.00 (Ex VAT)


EHB20/2.4 2 Speed 1150w Rotary Gutbuster Drill

Ref: 462000

Price:249.00 (Ex VAT)

EHB32/4.2 4 Speed 1700w Rotary Gutbuster Drill

Ref: 463200

Price:399.00 (Ex VAT)

EHB32/2.2 RL 2 Speed 1800w Reversible Gutbuster Drill

Ref: 464320

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

ETE32/2.3 RL 4 Speed 1800w Reversible Gutbuster Drill

Ref: 465320

Price:549.00 (Ex VAT)

LFA AP16 5/8

Ref: 432003K

Price:39.00 (Ex VAT)

LFA AP16 5/8

Ref: 432004

Price:35.00 (Ex VAT)

LFA AP16 5/8

Ref: 432020

Price:49.00 (Ex VAT)

LFA AP20 3/4

Ref: 432005K

Price:59.00 (Ex VAT)