Air Compressors

• air compressors for trade use
• slow running motors & pumps for long life
• 110v or 230v motors for electric compressors
• 10ltr to 60ltr air tanks
• compressors with Honda petrol engines
• for spray painting & decorating trades
• acrylic renders & masonry coatings
• run paint spray equipment
• air chisels & hammers
• needle guns & chipping hammers
• fixing tools & staple guns
• sanders & surface prep tools

AC15E 15cfm Compressor

Ref: 171515

Price:999.00 (Ex VAT)

AC15P 15cfm Petrol Compressor

Ref: 171515P

Price:1,149.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

AC30P 30cfm Petrol Compressor

Ref: 171530P

Price:2,399.00 (Ex VAT)

Out of Stock

Electric Compressor

Ref: 171023

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

Special Offer

B110/05 Mini Compressor

Ref: 171025 

Price:99.00 (Ex VAT)