ACF405 Mortar & Pointing Pump

ACF405 Mortar & Pointing Pump ACF405 Peristaltic Mortar & Grout Pump

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The ACF405 peristaltic electric pump has a metal hopper, variable speed output that can pump up to 5 ltr/min
Pointing machines work best pumping pre-bagged mortars and grouts that have been produced for mechanical application
Mortars mixed on site using sharp builders sand are not suitable for pump application

The peristaltic pump is a positive displacement pump and used for pumping a variety of flowable mortars and grouts. The material is drawn down from the hopper into a roller and tube mechanism. This compresses the flexible tube, forcing the material out towards the gun
The 110v peristaltic pump will run off a 13amp supply and 3kva transformer

• ACF405 Peristaltic Pump 0.5kw
• Hopper feed roller & tube pump
• Variable speed output
• 110v will run off a 13amp supply & 3kva transformer

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• ACF405 Peristaltic Pump 0.5kw
• Machine weight 42kg
• Size WxL 45x50cm
• Height 55cm
• Hopper tank 25 ltr
• Pump output 2-5 ltr/min
• Noise level 59dBA
• Voltage 110v or 230v

230v out of stock

• For pumping, pointing & injecting
• Pre-bagged mortars & pointing materials
• Grouts & fillers
• Pre-bagged lime mortars
• For refurbishment & repair trades
• Heritage & conservation
• Bridge & underground reinstatements
• Waterproofing & brick pointing