REFINA Prep & flooring machines for grinding, polishing & sanding

Prep & Floor Equipment

REFINA supply an extensive range of surface prep power tools and specialist application flooring equipment and machines

The hand held surface prep power tools are specialist machines with a wide range of abrasives for use in prepping, grinding, scabbling, cleaning and abrading concrete, masonry and stone. They will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs in building, concrete repair, flooring, plastering and rendering trades

The hand held surface blasters are used by the marine and steel trades for prepping metal pipes, bridges, ship's decks and hulls

The flooring machines are available in both 110v and 230v for use by commercial flooring contractors, carpet fitters, wood sanding and renovation specialists, epoxy, screed, paint and concrete contractors, shop fitting, refurbishment and renovation trades

The applications inlcude factory maintenance and floor renovation, keying back old coatings, removing adhesives and cements, polishing concrete and terrazzo

The REFINA Dustex vacs are high volume specialist dust extraction vacs for dust-free working

Surface prep hand held machines are produced by Eibenstock Elektrowerk GmbH

All machines are available in 110v or 230v unless otherwise indicated

Prep & Floor Equipment

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