Spray Equipment

REFINA air powered spray equipment is designed to compliment our range of mixers and to apply decorative coatings, textures, cements, mortars, plasters and renders
There is equipment for applying Sandtex, masonry paints and external coatings, Artex and textures, Portaflek and multi fleck, internal paints and emulsion, hardwall and projection plasters, fireproofing and intumescent coatings, tyrolean and external wall textures, render, tanking and waterproofing finishes

Hopper Spray Gun & Paint Spray Units

We have a range of spray guns that will suit your needs.

The Texaspray hopper spray gun is a versatile and easy to use gun for applying external coatings and tyrolean, tanking and waterproofing renders

The decorative paint spray equipment includes trade quality decorative spray guns and pressure feed paint pots for applying paints and coatings for interior and exterior applications. It will handle many of the paints and coatings that will not go through an airless spray pump







Render & Spar Dash Guns

The ACF20/3 is a large nozzle hopper render spray gun that is simple and effective to use and is one of the few spray guns that will spray apply sand and cement renders

The ACF20/1 has a single extended nozzle for applying spar dash consistently and evenly











Screw Spray Pumps

The STX410 is a mini screw pump that will spray finish plasters, thin coat and external wall coatings, fireproofing and intumescent paints.
The screw pump uses the mono pump principle, with a rotor and rubber stator to pump and spray heavy bodied coatings, finish plasters and waterproofing render, fireproofing and textured paints and cement coatings


The larger STX515 pumps will spray thin coat and top coat renders, OCR renders, external textured wall coatings, fireproofing and intumescent paints, spray mortars and cementitious coatings, tanking and waterproofing renders, finish and spray plasters. The three speed STX518 will pump monocouche render







Mortar Pointing Pump

The peristaltic pump is a positive displacement pump and used for pumping a variety of flowable mortars and grouts. It has a metal hopper, variable speed output which can pump up to 5 ltr/min

Pointing machines work best when pumping pre-bagged mortars and grouts that have been produced for mechanical application
Mortars mixed on site using sharp builders sand are not generally suitable for pump application










Grout & Sealant Guns

The air operated guns produce a consistent and continuous output of grout and sealant without the constant need for hand operation
The smaller 2" diameter guns are for use with sausage type sachets or bulk fill from a container


The larger 3" diameter guns are for sachet or bulk fill use applying mortars, sealants or floor joints
The 3" diameter guns are supplied with a fibre composite plunger for cement based materials or a rubber composite plunger for sealants and sachet







Petrol & Electric Compressors

The Refina range of portable compressors are built to an industrial spec with heavy duty motors and slow running air pumps

The ACP petrol compressors are British made with Honda engines

The electric compressors have slow running direct drive motors and low noise air pumps with twin air receivers and are produced in the EC. The belt drive compressors are produced in the UK


The compressors will run all day on site and power a wide range of air tools, spray equipment, surface prep tools, mixers and drills



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