Threaded connectors for electric & air powered drills

Connectors are for fitting threaded mixer paddles to electric, air or petrol powered drills
Drills are normally supplied with a drill chuck; in most cases the chuck can be removed from the drill leaving the drive spindle to which can be fitted a connector

Main types of drill
Mixer drills – these are produced with an M14 female output spindle so that the mixer paddle can be screwed directly into the mixer drill
Hammer & rotary drills – these are the standard construction trade power tool; when the chuck is taken off, a male threaded spindle is exposed; most commonly this thread is 1/2" or 5/8"
SDS drills – SDS hammer drills use an male connector to make changing attachments and tools quick and easy; the smaller drills normally use an SDS Plus fitting, larger drills and hammers use an SDS Max fitting
Morse taper drills – these drills are slow speed engineers power tools often called “gutbusters”; they have a tapered female output shaft
There are a variety of fittings for larger breaker type power tools (A taper and K taper etc), but paddles are seldom required for use with these power tools
Other drills suitable for mixing include air drills which normally have a small 3/8" or 1/2" male spindle
There are also several petrol drills available; these have a 1/2" fitting but do not normally prove suitable for mixing in the long term
Paddle extensions fit between the drill and the paddle to extend the overall paddle length; they are for use by taller users
Extensions will extend the length of the paddle for mixing in a 45 gallon drums
Mixer drills can be fitted with a drill chuck by using an M14 male to male connector which thread allows hex shaft paddles to be used with a MEGAMIXER. Several smaller paddles are only available with a hex shaft

Mixer Drills – Made In Europe
Most drills produced specifically for mixing will have an M14 female output spindle. The following are the most popular types
MEGAMIXERS - all mixers are supplied with M14 female output spindle
EIBENSTOCK - all mixers are supplied with M14 female output spindle; EIBENSTOCK are Europe’s largest producer of mixer drills supplying all REFINA MEGAMIXERS and several other power tool brands (METABO, MAKITA)
COLLOMIX - all mixers are supplied with M14 female output spindle
BOSCH - GRW11E mixers sold after 1998 are already fitted with a 5/8" to M14 connector and the replacement paddle will fit directly into this connector; GRW11E mixers sold pre 1998 have a 30cm paddle extension; a 5/8" to M14 connector is required to fit the replacement paddle; the drill output spindle is male 5/8"
FLEX & PFT - mixers should already be fitted with an M14 connector; the drill output spindle is normally male M18, although some older PFT mixers had an M18 thread
DE WALT - DW134 is already fitted with an M14 connector
RYOBI - PMT1361 power mixers require a 1/2" to M14 connector to replace the RYOBI alloy paddle which often wears out quite quickly; the drill output spindle is male 1/2"

Mixer Drills – Made In China
There are now a host of Chinese made mixer drills for DIY use, supplied in a variety of colours, shapes and qualities. Brands include Belle, Berg, Clarke, Evolution and Silverline, all selling around the £50 mark