Surface Scabblers

• rotary surface scabblers
• replaceable cutters
• solid tungsten or tct cutters
• leaves preened or roughened surface
• for paint, render & refurbishment
• for scabbling concrete & render
• taking off masonry paints & tyrolean
• stripping internal paints & exterior coatings
• chipping off paints & textures
• cleaning masonry & brick
• keying back internal walls & plaster
• taking off floor paints

Surface Scabbler with C6 Cutters

Ref: 4811876

Price:539.00 (Ex VAT)

Surface Scabbler with C4 Cutters

Ref: 4811874

Price:579.00 (Ex VAT)

Surface Scabbler with C5 Cutters

Ref: 4811875

Price:559.00 (Ex VAT)

Surface Scabbler with C2 Cutters

Ref: 4811872

Price:499.00 (Ex VAT)

Dustex hood for 6

Ref: 356560F

Price:49.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C6 Cutters

Ref: 346386

Price:209.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C4 Cutters

Ref: 346384

Price:249.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C5 Cutters

Ref: 346385

Price:229.00 (Ex VAT)

Scabbler Head with C2 Cutters

Ref: 346382

Price:179.00 (Ex VAT)

C6 Cutters (Set of 14)

Ref: 348146

Price:65.00 (Ex VAT)

C4 Cutters (Set of 28)

Ref: 348284

Price:105.00 (Ex VAT)

C5 Cutters (Set of 21)

Ref: 348505

Price:85.00 (Ex VAT)

C2 Cutters (Set of 49)

Ref: 348492

Price:49.00 (Ex VAT)

C4 Cutters (Set of 16)

Ref: 348164

Price:60.00 (Ex VAT)